Manki Point Hanuman Temple, Kasauli, India

25 Dec 2015: We drove away from Chandigarh to Kasauli. There was great rush and traffic jam being Christmas holidays then we decided to park the car approximately one and half kilometer before the temple, initially we were kind of puzzled by the thought of going and coming back by walking such as distance but it proved as blessing in disguise to me and the family as we got an opportunity to enjoy a nature walk. Simultaneously I had the sufficient time and environment to talk with by school time buddy and to cherish our memories and a heart to heart conversation. Families also had opportunity to mingle with.Children were very happy as they got open place to run and explore. Hanuman Temple is situated at the top of the hill so we had to track, this was a nice experience for children and enjoyable for all of us. Temple is very neat and clean. Prasad is available at the temple premises. We had an opportunity to attend the evening Arti. There is a helipad in temple complex. There are monkeys too in the temple and along the track. You need not to worry but be cautious as they get attracted towards Prasad. We returned back after attending Arti and having Prasad. There are washroom at the foothill and some restaurants too. The walk was even more interesting while coming back as it was getting darker but some of the distant hills were still illuminated with sun light which was giving a feel as if a bulb got lit inside the hills, this was amazing. The whole path was very picturesque but we could not carry our mobile phone or camera as Monkey Point is in Air Force Station. Place is very neat and clean and indeed beautiful.